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Pretest (English)

Objective of the pretest

From the second half of the 2023-2024 Academic Year (January 2024), your school will be able to use the Student Monitoring System (LVS) for Bonaire, Statia and Saba (BES) for the languages Dutch as a Foreign Language (NVT) and English. The tests for groups 3 to 8 of primary education and years 1 to 3 of secondary education have been developed but must still be tested by your students during the 2022-2023 academic year using a pretest. All pupils in the above-mentioned years of study take part in this pretest (with the exception of pupils in preparatory vocational education (VMBO) at Bonaire: for them, years 1 and 2 apply). Based on this pretest, we can see which questions are suitable to include in the LVS BES tests. We use the answers to the test questions and feedback from the teachers on the tests to make the final adjustments. This pretest also gives the schools a good idea of what the tests look like and how they are administered. The school also receives the results from their students. Dutch and English tests are based on the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Tests are available at CEFR level PreA1, A1, A2 and B1. For more information on the CEFR, go to

Test Period

There are two test periods: from October 10 to November 4, 2022 and from March 13 to April 21, 2023.

Bureau ICE staff will be present at the start of the pretest at the schools. The exact start date for each island is therefore different. The period of the second pretest is as follows:

Bonaire: March 27 – April 21, 2023
Statia: March 13 – April 7, 2023
Saba: March 20 – April 7, 2023

Key Dates

Date Activity
February 2023 Writing and Speaking results available
March 13, 2023 Start second test period
June 2023 Reading and Listening results available
August 2023 Writing and Speaking results available

Tests to be administered during the pretest

These are tests for Dutch as a Foreign Language (NVT) and English for the levels preA1, A1, A2 and B1 for Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. The number of tests per pupil depends on the island and the group/year. This involves a maximum of 8 tests per student per test period.

See below for an overview of the tests to be taken per island and per group/academic year:

Toetsen LVSBES Bonaire Toetsen LVSBES Sava Toetsen LVSBES Statia

Assistance in the preparation and administration of the pretest

We will support the schools in the preparation and administration of the pretest. Our colleagues from de Rolf groep will answer all your substantive questions regarding the test period during their visit in February.

In addition, employees of Bureau ICE will be present at the schools at the start of the pretest.

Of course, you also have the opportunity to ask all your questions in a short online session per school. You can use the link in the email we have sent to you or you can send an email to

Scheduling pretest

It is important to schedule when and which tests will be administered at your school during the pretest period. The digital Reading and Listening test is administered in the classroom. The Writing paper test is also administered in the classroom. The Speaking test is administered individually and to a segment of students. While they are at your school, the staff of Bureau ICE will administer the speaking test to 3 students (per language) in 2 classes on each school. (For example on School X we only need 3 students from Group 7 and 3 from Group 8 and on School Y: 3 from Group 5 and 3 from Group 6.)

Example of pretest LVS BES (Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking) by language 1 

Day 1 Day 2
60 minutes for Reading 60 minutes for Listening
60 minutes for Writing

1 If a student has to take tests for Dutch as a Foreign Language and English, you should spread the tests over more than two days.

All information about the tests can be found in the Test Administration Manual. All the above tests must be administered during the pretest period.

Important materials to prepare for the pretest

We recommend reviewing the following materials well in advance of the pretest:

There are sample tests NVT and English for the levels PreA1-A1 and A2-B1: online for Reading and Listening, on paper for Writing and Speaking. In these sample tests two levels are combined, the ‘real’ tests consist of one level.

We will provide the required Reading Textbooklets and Writing and Speaking Test booklets for your students to all schools at the start of the pretest.

Preparing students for the pretest

Furthermore, we recommend taking a look at the sample tests with your students in class the week before the pretest. Your students can also do these sample tests themselves. The sample tests consist of a limited number of questions so that your students can get used to the method of questioning and answering.


Please note! The material of LVS BES may not be made public. This applies both before and after the pretest. The test books are delivered to the school by an employee of Bureau ICE. Students are not allowed to take the test books home.